Tyvek® Supro-Breather Membrane

Tyvek® Supro - Breather Membrane

The Market Leading Breather Membrane: More Energy Efficiency For Less Roof Ventilation

Tyvek® Supro is an extremely water resistant, airtight and vapour permeable membrane providing superior air and moisture management for commercial and residential buildings.
Tyvek® Supro is a multi-purpose, durable and reinforced Tyvek® grade for use in all supported and unsupported pitched roof applications, including warm, hybrid and cold roofs. Also suitable for Scottish sarking board systems and low pitched metal roofs as well as wall and floor applications.

Product Properties

 Composition                   Spunbonded polyethylene and polypropylene
Roll Size  1.5 m x 50 m  1 m x 50 m
 Roll weight  12 kg  8.5 kg
 Coverage  67.5 m2  42.5 m2
UV exposure   4 months
 Warranty   30 years


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