Tyvek® SD2

Tyvek® SD2-Air leakage barrier / vapour control layer

Tyvek® SD2 is an internal Air Leakage Barrier/Vapour Control Layer for roofs, walls and floors.
Installing Tyvek® SD2 as part of the internal lining will help to reduce the rate of heat lost by convection through the building fabric. A continuous layer of Tyvek® SD2 will provide a barrier to air movement around the habitable space of the building.

Tyvek® SD2 has been specifically developed for use as an air leakage barrier, but will also contribute in controlling the passage of vapour through a structure. This will particularly apply to ‘vapour open’ constructions where a vapour permeable membrane is specified externally.

The overall 'breathability' of the construction is maintained with Tyvek® SD2 providing a balance between internal and external vapour resistances.

Product Properties

Composition  Spunbonded polypropylene and liquid applied polyolefin
 Roll Size  1.5 m x 50 m
 Roll weight  8.5 kg
 Coverage  70 m²
 Strength  Tyvek® SD2 is rot-proof and has a nail tear resistance of 260N. It is an extremely durable material.

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