Tyvek® Enercor® Roof

Tyvek® Enercor® Roof - Vapour open roof underlay

Tyvek® Enercor® Roof is a vapour open roof underlay with a metallised low emissivity surface which reflects heat in summer and reduces radiated heat loss in winter.

Tyvek® Enercor® Roof may be used on its own, but the overall efficiency of the system will be significantly improved when used in conjunction with DuPont™ AirGuard®. The combination of these two products will provide 2 major benefits:

  1. Protection against all possible heat losses: radiation, convection and conduction.
  2. Effective moisture management due to the higher evaporation capacity provided by Tyvek® Enercor® Roof and to the reduction in moisture migration into the construction by DuPont™ AirGuard®.
Product Properties
Roll Size

1 m x 50 m

Basis weight

ca 140 g/m²

Maximum Tensile Force MD/XD

ca 300/250 N/5 cm

Elongation at max Tensile Force MD/XD

ca 13/22 %

Resistance to tearing MD/XD

ca 175/190 N

Hydrostatic Head

ca 230 cm

Water tightness

Class W1

Water vapour resistance

ca 0.1 MNs/g, ca 2cm Sd



Effective R-Value with an air cavity of 25 mm combined with Tyvek® Enercor® Roof

0.40 m²K/W


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